Dan Miller demonstrates his 5 degree of freedom LEGOArm
and that's the beginnings of Wayne Gramlich's "Home Brew
Bus" to the right of the table.
Wayne Gramlich calls the
meeting to order
Chris Palmer demonstrates
the Pic-based "ZenBot". It
wondered around avoiding
obstacles and presumably
seeking wisdom.
There were about 40 in
attendance for the regular
meeting but there's always
room for one more.
Dave Wyland admires Bob
and Ted's latest balancing 'bot.
This is the house that Anthony,
Tony and Marlene built. It's
going to catch fire.
Here we find the solitary  "Solenopsis
Invicta" (fire-ant) busily investigating the
house looking for fire.
Here's the MicroChip bunch, Oggie,
Patty and Tim, beginning their
Here Patty fields a technical question
from the group.
We love a presentation that ends with something moving. Here Tim steps us through
MPLab and uses it to drive this stepper motor.
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